19V HP t5565 AC Adapter Power Supply


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HP AC Power Adapter & Cord for HP t5565 Thin Client, backed by a 1-Year Warranty and Support from AccessoriesBank.
19V HP t5565 AC DC Power Supply Cord
HP t5565 Thin Client
With this AC Power Adapter specially designed for HP t5565, seamlessly access your regular desktops from inexpensive low-end, thin-client, or shared machines.

Device Type: External AC Power Adapter
Input: 100-240VAC 50-60Hz
Output: 19V DC 3.42 Amps 65 Watts
Compatibility: HP t5565 Thin Client A2A66PS, A2A67PS, A2L02ES, A3L89PC, B0E47ES, B0Z11PC, B5W37PS, C7G35PS, H0F14EP, H1M21AA, H1M21AAR, H1M21AT, H1M21ATR, H1M22AA, H1M23AA, H1M23AT, H1M24AA, H1V33UC, H2K22UP, H3Q26UC, LJ996PC, LJ998PC, LZ716PC, SN086UC, XR248AA, XR248AAR, XR248AT, XR248ATR, XR249AA, XR249AAR,
Warranty: 12 Months
What's in the box:
1 * Replacement HP t5565 Power Adapter
1 * Free Cord

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