20V Lenovo 888015027 AC DC Power Supply Cord


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Lenovo 135W AC Adapter(UL-SDC). Lenovo 20V AC DC Power Adapter PSU 888015027 and other laptop and ultrabook computers not listed
AC Power Adapter Lenovo 888015027 20V DC
This brand new new replacement Lenovo 888015027 AC power Adapter is energy efficient and convenient as it can be leveraged across multiple notebook families. The power supply can enhance your productivity by powering your 888015027 while plugged in, as well as charging your battery so that you can take your notebook with you when you unplug. The battery charger also feature integrated surge protection to protect against power fluctuations that can damage your notebook. It helps you save on equipment, power consumption costs and travel.

Device Type: External AC Adapter
Input: AC 100-240V
Output: 20VDC 6.75 A 135Watts
Compatibility: IdeaPad Y40,Y50 Y40-70 Y40-70 Touch Y70-70 Y70-70 Touch some other models not listed
Warranty: Full 12 Months
What's in the box:
1 * Replacement Lenovo 888015027 AC Power Adapter
1 * Free Power Cord

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