65W AC Adapter Charger For HP t510


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HP AC Power Adapter for HP t510 Flexible Thin Client with free power cable.
AC Power Adapter for HP t510 Battery Charger Cord
HP t510 Flexible Thin Client
With this power supply,increase your productivity by access the same apps and data from virtually anywhere , while standard PCs have long repair times that cause delays and higher costs.

Device Type: Power Supply - External
Input: AC 100-240V (worldwide use)
Output: 19.5VDC 3.33 Amps 65 Watts
Compatibility: HP t510 Flexible Thin Client D4W99PC, D4X02PC, D4X03PC, D4X13PS, E0H43UP, E0J16UC, E0X57PS, E0X58PS, E1F15UC, E1F15UCR, E3Y10PC, E3Y11PC, E4S21AA, E4S21AAR, E4S21AT, E4S21ATR, E4S22AA, E4S22AAR, E4S22AT, E4S22ATR, E4S23AA, E4S23AAR, E4S23AT, E4S23ATR, E4S24AA, E4S24AAR, E4S24AT, E4S24ATR, E4S25AA, E4S25AAR,
Warranty: 12 Months
What's in the box:
1 * Replacement HP t510 Power Supply
1 * Free AC Power Cord

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